Shims - Replacement Packs of Individual Shim Sizes

Shims - Replacement Packs of Individual Shim Sizes

  • $20.50
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I&E Central offers stainless steel pre cut shims for all machine alignment and leveling jobs.

In addition to full kits, we offer packs of individual shim sizes, to replenish often used shim thicknesses.  Each pack includes 20 shims of the selected thickness.

Features of all of our shims:

  • Accu-size Marking – each shim above .050 is marked with its actual thickness
    • No need to mic or measure
    • Ensure you’re shimming the right amount!
    • Etched thickness marking in both nominal and actual thickness
  • Manufactured of high grade 304 stainless steel
  • Pre cut and pre slotted, available in sizes A, B, C and D
    • Size A - 2x2" - 17/32" slot
    • Size B - 3x3" - 25/32" slot
    • Size C - 4x4" - 1.25" slot
    • Size D - 5x5" - 1.75" Slot

Full kits of shims including all 13 sizes and a metal storage case are also available.  Click here for more info.

All of our shims are manufactured in the United States and ship from either Pennsylvania or Upstate NY.

Due to supply chain issues, prices subject to change without notice.