SDT TIGHT checker - Affordable Ultrasonic Tightness Testing

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The SDT TIGHTChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to verify the tightness of closed volumes. Use TIGHTChecker to pinpoint the exact location of leaks in vehicles, buildings, tanks, and ships.

The SDT TIGHTChecker works exclusively with SDT’s ergonomic Flexible sensor and compact T-Sonic1 transmitter.

Tightness integrity is an issue that plagues every industry. TIGHTChecker is an ultrasound solution focused on pinpointing leaks in any volume. Cars, trains, airplanes, buildings, cleanrooms… TIGHTChecker checks them all.

TIGHTChecker is so easy to use. Simply open the box, position the T-SONIC1, seal the volume and listen for leaks. TIGHTChecker’s crystal-clear sound and vibrant colour display pinpoints even the smallest leaks.

With so many things to test, TIGHTChecker is in high demand. It’s low entry cost, versatility, and SDT quality make it the most affordable solution for testing everything that leaks. And everything leaks.