SDT LUBExpert – Ultrasonic Instrument for the Lube Technician

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Ultrasonic Inspection is a versatile and effective tool for monitoring the health of many industrial systems. The SDT LUBExpert is a tool designed with the lube technician in mind. Easily ensure your bearings are receiving the right amount and type of grease, at the right time.

  • Attaches directly to your grease gun
  • Ensures you use the proper grease type
  • Records the amount of lubricant added
  • Tracks the before and after bearing condition with multiple condition indicators
  • UAS Lite lube route software is included

Ultrasound is the perfect tool to monitor the quality of the lubricant film in your anti-friction bearings. The better the lubricant film, the lower the friction, and the lower the ultrasound level. But too much lubricant can be as bad as too little. The SDT LUBExpert is the tool that enables your technician to maintain lubricate perfectly, and document the condition of your bearings.

Combined with the SDT 270 inspection/survey tool you have world class system for monitoring and managing the mechanical health of your bearings!