SDT LUBE checker - Affordable Ultrasonic Lubrication Measurement

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How are you greasing your bearings? How do you know if they have enough grease? Too much? Too little?

Poor lubrication practices are a leading cause of bearing failure. Friction in a bearing will emit ultrasound. The correct amount of grease will minimize that friction – but too much grease, or too little, can create major problems. And it is difficult to know when a bearing is properly greased. Using the SDT LUBEChecker, we can determine when we need to add grease, and when we’ve reached the right amount of grease. The instrument also allows us to hear what is happening inside the bearing, as grease is being added.

The SDT LUBEChecker is an affordable, easy to use tool, which is focused on optimizing grease replenishment. It is the perfect companion for performing lubrication on condition based intervals.

The SDT LUBEChecker is extremely easy to use. Simply open the box, connect it to your grease gun, and hear the difference. Its vibrant color display offers repeatable, accurate, digital measurements that guide you to a precision result every time.

Failed bearings and excessive grease consumption gnaw away at your bottom line. The SDT LUBEChecker is the affordable solution.

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