SDT 270 – Ultrasonic Inspection Tool with Routes and Recording

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The SDT 270 is our flagship ultrasound platform, designed for reliability and PdM professionals. Its sensitivity and repeatability are unmatched in the industry, and it is a tool that can grow with you. It is available as a basic inspection tool, but can be configured to include route based inspection with an on-board SQL database.


  • Proper Lubrication: Under-greasing and over-greasing both shorten the life of bearings. With the SDT 270 you can be sure you’re lubricating only when, and as much as needed – maximizing the life of your bearings.
  • Alarms: With the SDT Ultranalysis Software, know when a bearing is ready for lubrication. You can even detect early bearing wear.
  • Easy to Use: With minimal training, an SDT 270 user can monitor and correctly lubricate any bearing. Route-based condition monitoring and airborne leak detection are similarly easy to perform.
  • Variety of Sensors: Choose what works best for you and your plant. Connect directly to a zerk adapter, use our magnetic sensor directly on the bearing, or a contact probe to work in tight spaces.
  • Versatile Technology: With the SDT 270 you can: monitor bearings for wear and lubrication status, properly lubricate bearings, locate compressed air leaks, inspect steam and hydraulic systems and detect electrical issues.

Applications of Ultrasonic Inspection include:

  • Leak detection in compressed air and other gas systems
  • Bearing condition monitoring (even low speed bearings and gearboxes)
  • Ultrasound based lubrication
  • Steam trap inspection
  • Detecting valve leaks
  • Pump cavitation
  • Electrical corona
  • Much, much more

The SDT 270 represents an evolution for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Professionals and incorporates many “firsts” to ultrasonic inspection. Significant aspects of the SDT 270 include:

  • Route-based inspection capability
  • Built in IR temperature sensor and laser tachometer
  • Accelerometer interface for vibration measurement
  • Built-in .wav file recording
  • Dual channel inputs means you can record static (dBuV) and dynamic ultrasound measurements, RPM and temperature, and even acceleration without exchanging sensors. All external sensors connect via coiled cable for safe and convenient measurement
  • Powerful UAS software is an SQL database for the PC that is integrated into the 270 for managing route based surveys, and collected data. Alarms, trends, and flexible reporting can be a powerful part of your condition monitoring program
  • New proprietary contact sensors are repeatable within 1 dBuV
  • Upgradeable Platform

Ultranalysis Suite

UAS manages the collection, processing, and analysis of data measured by the SDT270. It’s a library to store and organize info that’s easy to retrieve. UAS manages static data (dBuV, °C or °F, RPM, SCFM, dBA), as well as dynamic data (ultrasound signals for time and spectrum analysis).

UAS’s tree structure allows for as large a database as you need, with the ability to organize smaller surveys so you can set your own pace. Synchronous databases resident on both your PC and your SDT270 allows on-the-fly creation of survey points.

We also offer a variety of external contact, airborne, and even non-ultrasound sensors are available to provide a custom system for your plant.