SDT 200 – Multifunction Ultrasound Inspection System

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Ultrasonic Inspection is a versatile and effective tool for monitoring the health of many industrial systems. The technology enables the user to identify issues, leaks and more by detecting high frequency sounds that the human ear cannot.

Some of the applications include: leak detection in compressed air (or gas) systems, bearing condition monitoring, bearing lubrication, steam trap detection and more. Ultrasound is excellent as a stand alone technology, or combined with other technologies such as vibration and infrared.

Ultrasound is sound with a frequency above that of the human ear’s capability. In many industrial settings, faults or issues will emit an ultrasound, but without the right equipment, it is impossible to hear.

I&E Central is partnered with SDT as a distributor of their Ultrasonic Inspection Tools. The SDT 200 is a great entry-level tool for ultrasonic fault detection and has a powerful sensor and easy-to-use interface. Should your needs be more robust – please see the SDT270, which in addition to the 200’s features, is also route-enabled and able to record to an audio file.

Applications of Ultrasonic / Ultrasound Inspection include:

  • Leak detection in compressed air and other gas systems
  • Bearing condition monitoring (even low speed bearings and gearboxes)
  • Ultrasound based lubrication
  • Steam trap inspection
  • Detecting valve leaks
  • Pump cavitation
  • Electrical corona
  • Much, much more

Listen beyond the noise of your plant

  • Pinpoint compressed air leaks through miles of twisting air lines with laser point accuracy
  • Quickly inspect hundreds of steam traps sorting good from bad
  • Confidently re-lubricate motor bearings with digital accuracy
  • Let the SDT200 chart a course for less energy waste, more efficient processes, and a greener environment

The SDT200 Features:

  • Standard internal ultrasound sensor
  • Internal IR temperature sensor
  • Internal laser pointer
  • One external sensor connection to attach optional sensors (multiple contact probes, plus flexible, extended distance, and parabolic airborne sensors)
  • Internal memory with 400 node locations to store Static Measurements
  • Standard USB connection for DataDump software

The SDT 200 is available in a variety of kit configurations.  Please contact us today for a quote!