IRISS QwikFit – Snap-in Infrared Windows for Panelboard Inspection

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The IRISS QwikFit-IR range of products are a unique patented panelboard inspection system. To complete an Infrared inspection of panelboards correctly, the inspector will usually have to remove the covers to allow direct measurement of the components and connections behind the covers. Even when wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), this is an extremely hazardous and time consuming operation and one that more and more companies are refusing to undertake.

The QwikFit-IR product line is a unique solution designed for all types of panelboard applications where small load side connections would not be visible for infrared and visual inspections even with the IRISS FlexIR custom deadfront panel replacement with built in IR viewing window. The QwikFit-IR is designed to replace the small frame breaker blanking plate and requires no cutting or preparation work as it simply “clicks” into place providing unparalleled inspection access exactly where needed.


  • Custom designed units built to replace existing panel board circuit breaker blank covers
  • Utilizes Patented industrial-grade IR window
  • Optional combined visual, UV and IR window or solely IR allows for greater flexibility
  • Durable, fully impact-resistant, pharmaceutical-grade optics
  • Fixed And Stable Transmission (FAST)
  • Proven compatibility with acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration and high frequency noise
  • Reinforcing grills comply with IP2x standard for safe maximum hole size and fail-safe design Q