IRISS Infrared Windows for Square D HVL Switchgear

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Infrared Windows for Square D HVL Switchgear.

Most switchgear and electrical enclosures come standard with a plexiglass viewing pane. While this pane is useful for some inspection, it is not “infrared transmissible”, meaning you cannot use a thermal/infrared camera to inspect for overheating or other issues. With safety becoming a larger concern with infrared inspection, more and more companies are choosing to install infrared windows in their switchgear enabling safer, faster inspections.

IRISS is a leading manufacturer of infrared windows, designed specifically to solve this problem. In addition to their many window sizes and configurations, IRISS has now also developed a custom sized infrared window, which serves as a drop-in replacement for the plexiglass panel on Square D HVL switchgear.


  • Fast & Easy Installation: These infrared windows are designed to perfectly fit the existing window space on your Square D HVL switchgear. Simply remove the existing plexiglass panel, place the IRISS window, screw together and you’re done.
  • Safety: Using infrared windows makes sure your thermography
  • inspections meet the NFPA 70E safety requirements. Protect your workers,
  • protect yourself.
  • Faster and Easier Infrared Inspections: In addition to being
  • safer, using infrared windows reduces the need for bulky arc flash protective
  • equipment. This drastically reduces the time spent on thermal inspection
  • routes. Get the data you need, in a fraction of the time.
  • Go Beyond Standard Inspections: In addition to the plexiglass replacement, IRISS has designed and implemented custom infrared deadfronts for Square D HVL load centers. This enables infrared inspection of critical electrical connections.
  • Custom Fits: In addition to the above, IRISS will make custom windows, deadfronts and panels to fit any application. Contact us today to discuss your challenge and how we can help.


  • Although custom sized, this window is otherwise identical to the CAP-CT series of windows. 
  • With a viewing area of 20" x 5", this window enables infrared inspection of connections inside the switchgear
  • A hinged, locking cover provides additional safety


To install, simply remove the plexiglass pane, and replace with this infrared window. It is designed to be a perfect fit into the existing opening in your enclosure.

Installing IRISS windows will also help your company satisfy the NFPA 70E (is it relates to Arc Flash Hazards). IRISS windows are compliant with UL, IEEE and every other applicable standard.

As a master distributor for IRISS products, I&E Central has managed projects both large and small. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and how we can help make keep your personnel and contractors safe.