FLIR Exx Series Industrial/Commercial Handheld IR Cameras. Models E54, E76, E86 and E96

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The FLIR Exx series comprises of the E54, E76, E86 and E96 models. These are compact, affordable and extremely reliable handheld infrared cameras that offer excellent features and warranty for the money.

I&E Central has been a FLIR partner for over 15 years and for customers in the Northeast US, offer an on-site camera orientation, at no additional charge.

FLIR Models in this product family include the:

  • FLIR E54
  • FLIR E76
  • FLIR E86
  • FLIR E96

Features shared by all models of the FLIR Exx IR Cameras:

  • Up to 464 x 348 true native IR resolution (161,472 pixels)
  • Temperature ranges up to 1500 Celsius
  • Built in digital camera and laser target
  • Improved MSX image processing – combines visible detail with thermal image for easier analysis
  • Multi focus
  • Ultramax image processing – effectively quadruples thermal resolution
  • Large, 4? extra bright touch screen
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • External optic (IR window) compensation
  • Mobile Device Wi-Fi connectivity (iPhone and iPad)
  • FLIR Warranty: 2 years on camera overall, 5 years on battery, 10 years on detector
  • Price range is $5900 to $13,600 USD, depending on model and options
  • Also available are the E-series bx cameras with similar features, but measurement ranges and tools optimized for building inspection applications.

I&E Central also carries a full range of Infrared Windows that work with any IR camera. If you’re monitoring high voltage or other hazardous areas with IR, these windows mitigate many of the risks associated with arc-flash and other high-voltage concerns.