FLIR E-series - E4, E5xt, E6xt and E8xt Infrared Cameras

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The FLIR E series comprises of the E4, E5xt, E6xt and E8xt models of Infrared Cameras. These are compact, affordable and reliable handheld infrared cameras that offer excellent features and warranty at an entry-level cost

FLIR E4, E5xt, E6xt, E8xt Infrared Cameras with MSX image enhancement

The Infrared Cameras in this product family have the following features:

  • Focus free design with IR and thermal image
  • Single-handed operation, lightweight body
  • 3" color LCD display
  • On-board digital camera with torch/flash
  • Simultaneous storage of IR, visible, and MSX image
  • Swappable Li-ion battery with 4 hour life
  • Spot measurement mode on E4
  • Area box measurement added on E5xt, E6xt, E8xt
  • E4 Resolution: 80 x 60 IR Pixels
  • E5xt Resolution: 160 x 120 IR Pixels
  • E6xt Resolution: 240 x 180 IR Pixels
  • E8xt Resolution: 320 x 240 IR Pixels

The FLIR Ex Series of Infrared Cameras have several features that are indispensable to the thermography professional. Each camera includes both an infrared detector, as well as a traditional digital camera. Infrared and visible images can be combined to clearly indicate the location of the shot, as well as any identified issues. This is especially useful when sharing your inspection results with someone not trained in thermal inspection.

The standard MSX image enhancement function pulls in useful aspects of the visible shot to make the infrared image clearer and more intuitive to read.

All of these features combine to provide a very capable, yet lightweight and user friendly infrared camera – at a very attractive price. Contact us today to discuss your application(s) and needs, and we’ll help identify the right camera for you.

I&E Central also carries a full range of Infrared Windows that work with any IR camera. If you’re monitoring high voltage or other hazardous areas with IR, these windows mitigate many of the risks associated with arc-flash and other high-voltage concerns.