Easy Laser E710 and E720 Alignment and Measurement System

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The Easy Laser E710 Shaft Alignment system is a rugged, powerful and accurate system with both advanced shaft alignment and geometric measurement capabilities.  Align machine trains, cardan shafts and even measure the flatness of your machine’s base – all with this affordable system.

This system is made for the those who tackle the toughest jobs. With the E710 you can align standard machines, as well as more complex jobs like multiple machine trains, cardan shafts and more.


System Highlights:

  • Easy to use, built in programs for vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Wireless, dual laser system with precise inclinometers built-in
  • Two-Axis detectors with extremely high accuracy and resolution
  • EasyTurn™ – take any 3 stationary measurements to align; only 40° of total rotation needed
  • Available live mode – watch as you move the machine into alignment
  • Tolerance check – compare to tolerance tables; color coded in/out of tolerance indication
  • Measurement Value Filter – take accurate measurements, even in areas of high vibration
  • Soft foot measurement and adjustment
  • Thermal growth compensation
  • Machine train alignment for an unlimited number of coupled machines (at one time)
  • Record time-lapse changes in machine position for alignment compensation
  • Reference foot locking – choose which feet are stationary to easily solve usually complicated bolt or base bound scenarios
  • Swap-view function – adjust position of motor on screen to correspond to the machine in front of you
  • Cardan shaft alignment capability
  • Base twist measurement to determine whether your machine’s base is suitable for installation
  • Selectable measurement resolution to 0.05 mils
  • Generates a PDF report within the instrument, copy to USB memory stick for printing or archiving

The Easy Laser E710 system comes preloaded with ALL of our geometric measurement programs including:

  • Straightness
  • Flatness
  • Squareness
  • Level
  • Parallel
  • Spindle direction
  • Concentricity
  • more

To take advantage of these capabilities, simply add the right brackets, fixtures or lasers, and you’re ready to go. You may also wish to consider the E720 system, which includes our D22 precision laser with built-in pentaprism (perfect 90 degree toggle) and several mounting fixtures, enabling virtually any measurement you can think of.

Other System Features:

  • 5.7" color graphic display
  • Wireless or wired operation
  • A huge range of accessory brackets are available to allow measurement and alignment of almost anything!
  • 3-year warranty
  • Includes rugged carrying case for all system parts
  • Easy-Link Software to store files and generate reports
  • IP65 – splash, weather proof
  • Bluetooth communication between measurement units and display
  • Supports multiple pairs of feet
  • Optional Barcode scanner – record and retrieve setup info
  • Optional E170 and E180 systems allow you to perform extremely accurate belt and sheave alignment
  • Optional vibration measurement with accessory Vibrometer probe

I&E Central includes training with every purchase. In-depth alignment training and certification is available through our partner, LUDECA. Please inquire for pricing and dates.

All calibration, service and parts come from within USA.