Easy Laser XT190 Belt Alignment System

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The Easy Laser XT190 Belt Alignment System enables quick, precise alignment functions for belt, sheave and pulley systems.  Use standalone, or connect via bluetooth to our free XT alignment app for an incredible 3D display.

In addition to our shaft, machine and geometric laser alignment systems, I&E Central carries an easy-to-use, laser belt alignment system. This system combines precise laser measurement technology with an intuitive, 3D graphic display. The Easy Laser XT190 helps users quickly align all types of belts, sheaves, chains and more.

The Easy Laser XT190 system is our newest and most capable system. It can be used as a standalone instrument, with our free XT alignment app, and is even backwards compatible with older Easy-Laser E-series (E540, E710) models.

The Easy Laser XT190 has three modes of operation:

  • Optical. Use the laser transmitter and optical targets to align sheaves
  • Digital with built in display of offset, horizontal angle, and vertical angle. Adjustment can be done live by a single operator
  • Connect to any tablet running our (free) alignment app for live 3D display and the ability to document and report alignment. Click here to view a sample report

The Easy Laser XT190 system can be used to align a variety of common belt and sheave types, including chain, v-belt, cog belt and more.

Compared with old methods such as rulers, the belt alignment is more accurate and efficient when both horizontal and vertical adjustment is carried out at the same time. In addition, the work can be carried out by one person alone, in a significantly shorter time. Installation on the sheave/pulley occurs using powerful super magnets. The tool can be used on all types of sheave/pulley, such as v-belt, timing belt, flat belt and chain drives. If you have aluminium sheaves/pulleys, the low weight of the tool means that it can instead be attached using strong double sided tape.