Data Collector Poles for Vibration Data Collection

Data Collector Poles for Vibration Data Collection

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Our telescoping data collector pole s are just what your team needs to safely obtain vibration data from hard to reach places.

  • Reduces need for a safety harness or ladder during data collection
  • Includes multiple high temperature bushings to fit your preferred vibration sensor
  • Spring loaded head tilts 180°for proper sensor placement
  • Lightweight non-conductive fiberglass helps ensure safety
  • Choice of extension pole lengths
  • Cables & adapters allow use with any manufacturers data collector

Our Data Collector Poles come in 3 configurations and 5 lengths:

  • Standard - Accepts a standard accelerometer
  • Heavy Duty - Includes a more robust head assembly for handling large/strong magnets (over 1" diameter)
  • Triax - designed to accommodate "round" triaxial sensors

Available Lengths of Data Collector Poles:

  • 2-3.5 ft 
  • 4-7 ft 
  • 6-11 ft 
  • 8-14 ft 
  • 8-22 ft