IRISS CAP-CT - Rectangular Infrared Windows for Electrical Inspection

IRISS CAP-CT - Rectangular Infrared Windows for Electrical Inspection

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Reduce the risk of arc-flash by performing thermal inspections without opening switch gear doors.

The IRISS CAP-CT IR windows feature a reinforced, polymer window that enables a wide field of view for infrared inspections.  The clear polymer used in the manufacture of these windows enables the electrician or thermographer to perform a visual inspection, in addition to taking images with any infrared camera.

Each window also includes a hinged, locking cover – for safety and longevity.  These windows can be mounted anywhere on an electrical enclosure, however many of our customers will replace an existing plexiglass panel with the safety of a CAP-CT window.
These windows come in a variety of standard sizes ranging from 4 to 24" in width.  Custom sized windows are available, upon request.

IRISS CAP-CT Window Product Highlights:

  • Safe:  Conduct IR inspections without opening enclosures
  • Certified: IRISS windows have been independently tested and certified to every applicable standard prescribed by UL and IEEE
  • Durable: VPTwindows have been successfully tested as an installed component in arc-resistant enclosures at up to 63kA, 15kV for 30 cycles at 60Hz per IEEE C37.20.7 Type 2B.  There is no safer or more durable window.
  • Affordable:  Our reinforced polymer windows are less expensive than crystal windows
  • Readily available:  Windows are in stock for delivery when you need them (call us for urgent order processing)
  • Versatile:  We offer not only conventional round windows, but also rectangular panes to 24″ wide and custom designs
  • Guaranteed:  Unconditional lifetime warranty.  We will replace any window that fails for any reason for life

Installation of IRISS windows is easy.  Each window comes with a stick-on template, that precisely identifies the area to cut out, and where to drill bolt holes.  Simply cut out the template, sandwich the window over the opening and tighten the supplied bolts to secure.