BetaVib Vibration Analysis from Ludeca

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Ludeca and BETAvib offer a complete platform for vibration measurement, monitoring, and analysis:

  • Portable data collectors
  • Permanent Online monitoring
  • Powerful software for the analyst and the enterprise
  • Field balancing

Ludeca has partnered with BetaVib to provide Vibration Analysts with powerful new technology to advance their condition monitoring initiatives. The BetaVib Vibration Analysis products offer users a powerful and flexible

Betavib data collectors are built on a Windows based tablet platform with a sunlight viewable XGA color touchscreen display. The base software includes a graphic user interface for creating machines and measurements, and full analysis. All models support advanced measurement tools including coast-down and run-up, and impact testing. Fault frequencies are calculated automatically for easy analysis.

No need to upload or download, your full database resides in the portable, including all your history and with full analysis tools if you need them in the field. Back at the office, just plug into the supplied dock and do your analysis and reporting with the monitor and keyboard/mouse of your choice.

They are offered at 3 levels:

VibWorks Knight
Single channel vibration acquisition with optional balancing

VibWorks Rook
4-channel vibration acquisition with triax capability. Also includes a Smart Alarms Module to statistically adjust alarm levels as you build history. You can also re-process the raw data from previous recordings for enhanced analysis (lines, fmax, etc). Balancing is included

VibWorks King
A step up from the Rook, the King adds Ultra HD 4K analysis. Connect to a 4K monitor, and view all of the data associated with a measurement in a single snapshot. Spectra, Waveforms, demods, waterfalls, and more. With optional hardware modules, the analyzer can be expanded to up to 32 channels of simultaneous acquisition and analysis. 100% compatible with Me’scope.

Software for the Enterprise
Vibworks Server is our Network application that collects and syncs data from all of your portables and on-line systems. You can easily support and manage your vibration program whether it is local or global.

Permanent Monitoring
Cortex is our permanent monitoring solution, offered in 16 and 32 channel versions. The system includes embedded signal processing and an on-board SQL database. Even in the event of a network failure, the controller can store weeks worth of data locally.