ALL-TEST PRO Online II – Online Motor Test System

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The ALL-TEST PRO Online II (ATPOL II) is a motor signature analysis system. It uses a hand-held instrument for data collection, and powerful software for automated analysis and reporting on both the electrical and mechanical health of the entire motor system – incoming power through driven load.

The ALL-TEST PRO Online II Motor Test System performs motor electrical signature analysis (ESA) plus power quality analysis on your motor systems.

The ALL-TEST PRO Online II allows users to evaluate and trend electrical and mechanical health of all types of motors and motor systems. The instrument gives insight into the entire system from incoming power through the driven load.

Features and Highlights:

  • Handheld data collector is light and portable
  • Three voltage and three current inputs
  • Measures line frequency, running speed, and slip automatically
  • Finds all critical points (PPF. RBPF, SSPF, and more) automatically
  • Automatic report generation including:Integrated system includes software, voltage probes, and 2 sets of current probes
  • Incoming power quality
  • Voltage and current unbalance
  • Power factor
  • Motor Load
  • Rotor Health
  • Stator Electrical Health
  • Stator Mechanical Health
  • Air gap/Eccentricity (static and dynamic)
  • Misalignment/Unbalance
  • Bearing issues

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This is the most powerful, the most easy to use, and most affordable on-line motor test system on the market today.

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