ALL-TEST PRO 34 - De-energized Motor Testing and Diagnosis

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The All-Test Pro 34 is a lightweight, portable motor tester that performs automated testing and diagnostics for rotor, stator, and connection health.  This unit is specialized in testing three phase induction motors, which comprise of most used in industrial settings.

Ideal for testing new or repaired motors and also a more than capable troubleshooting device.  All tests are non-destructive.

Highlights of the instrument include:

  • Static test determines insulation resistance, measures DF and capacitance for contamination, and evaluates connection health with 4-terminal resistance measurement to 0.01 milliohm
  • Dynamic test determines rotor health and stator health (winding faults)
  • Automated testing ensures that all users perform the test in the same fashion
  • Automated diagnostics and condition assessment provided at the conclusion of the test – no need to analyze
  • Tests can be stored as a reference for comparison to future tests
  • Optional software provides printed reports

The ALL-TEST PRO 34 is sold in several kit configurations to meet your needs.  Here on our website, we can only offer the "basic kit", which includes the ALL-TEST PRO 34 instrument and a single user license of the companion MCA Basic software.

If you would like a quote for a kit including the Pro or Enterprise versions of software, please contact us at 866-225-0182, or through the contact form on this website.  Thank you!