Video | SDT 270 | Ultrasonic Lubrication Inspection & Condition Based Preventive Maintenance

Lubricate based on “condition”, instead of time “intervals”. Under-greasing and over-greasing shortens the life of bearings. See savings in the form of reduction of unnecessary lubrication maintenance manpower and materials, fewer breakdowns, and reduced lost opportunity costs.

Benefits below…

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  • Proper Lubrication: Under-greasing and over-greasing both shorten the life of bearings. With the SDT 270 you can be sure you’re lubricating only when, and as much as needed – maximizing
    the life of your bearings.
  • Alarms: With the SDT Ultranalysis Software, know when a bearing is ready for lubrication. You can even detect early bearing wear.
  • Easy to Use: With minimal training, an SDT 270 user can monitor and correctly lubricate any bearing. Route-based condition monitoring and airborne leak detection are similarly easy to perform.
  • Variety of Sensors: Choose what works best for you and your plant. Connect directly to a zerk adapter, use our magnetic sensor directly on the bearing, or a contact probe to work in tight spaces.
  • Versatile Technology: With the SDT 270 you can: monitor bearings for wear and lubrication status, properly lubricate bearings, locate compressed air leaks, inspect steam and hydraulic systems and detect electrical issues.
  • Contact us to learn how ultrasound can enhance your maintenance program @ 866.225.0182

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