Video | Machine Base Flatness | “Base Twist” Measurement by Easy-Laser

Many installers don’t give it deserving attention: The ability to make this base flatness measurement with a shaft alignment system is unique to Easy-Laser, referring to it as “Base Twist” measurement. It’s worth doing any time a new machine of any size is being installed or re-installed. Only the E710 has this particular program. An investment in this equipment is practical for on-going preventive maintenance and out-of-alignment cost savings. Ask us how.  Also see:  Easy Laser Benefits…

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Easy Laser Benefits:

  • Ease of use
    • The Easy-Laser is incredibly easy to learn and use. Just follow the on screen instructions, and you’ll be performing accurate alignments in as little as one movement.
  • Accuracy & Repeatability
    • Easy-Laser uses a true two-laser measurement, comparable to using reverse dial indicators. With that technology, Easy- Laser accurately measures the center of rotation for both shafts to provide precise adjustment info for both the horizontal and vertical axes. The result is pinpoint precision alignments, every time.
  • Speed
    • Easy-Laser systems take the guesswork out of machine alignments. Even in complicated alignment situations like bolt or base bound machines, the Easy Laser can help you accurately align, often in only one movement!
  • Cost
    • Alignment equipment can be a significant investment. The Easy Laser systems are an excellent value – easy to use, accurate, expandable, and attractively priced. Contact us today for a quote!
  • Flexibility/Capabilities
    • With three base systems to start with, the sky’s the limit with what your Easy Laser can do. From simple shaft alignments, to multiple coupling, machine train, belt/sheave, or geometric machine tool alignments – Easy Laser has a solution for everything. Call us today to discuss your most challenging alignments!

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