Dent Instruments SMARTlogger – Time of Use Logger

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The Dent Instrument SMARTloggers measure total on-time and on/off transitions of almost any device. Use with lights, motors, water heaters, gas valves and more.


The Dent Instrument SMARTlogger™ is a series of time of use loggers, designed to monitor the on-off status, time-of-use operating schedule, and total on-time for energy consuming devices and systems. Models are available for lighting systems, motors, relays and switches, and virtually any electric load. The non-contact monitoring makes installation simple. Each of these small, robust instruments provide powerful data for superior energy management.

Each SMARTlogger Time of Use Logger features:

  • Onboard LCD
  • Storage capacity for up to 32,000 records.  Record for months or years unattended
  • SMARTware Windows-based companion software

The SMARTlogger series includes four models of time of use logger:

  • CTlogger – Time of use logger utilizing an external current transformer
  • MAGlogger – Time of use logger utilizing an internal magnetic sensor
  • LIGHTINGlogger – Time of use logger utilizing an onboard photo sensor
  • CONTACTlogger – Time of use logger, designed to be connected to an existing switch or relay


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