Dent Elite Pro XC Power Recorder

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The ELITEpro XC is a portable recording power meter with Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications. It can monitor any three phase circuit, or multiple single-phase circuits up to 600 V.AC


The ELITEpro XC is a complete solution for pinpointing electric usage and recording building performance metrics. It is capable of measuring, storing, and analyzing electrical consumption data with no external power. The ELITEpro XC uses direct connections for voltage and current, and can accommodate any circuit type from single phase to 3-phase 4-wire.  It is compatible with a variety of current transformers, such as split-core, hinged or flexible RoCoils for large loads or large cables and bussbars.

The next generation power recorder is here – the new ELITEpro XC from Dent Instruments

If you need to measure and record electrical energy usage, the ELITEpro XC from Dent instruments is the best tool we have seen. Simple and straightforward, it can record for years with no external power. Compact and totally self contained, it is easily installed and secured inside standard enclosures.

  • Measure and record V, A, W/kW, kWh, VA, VARs and PF
  • 16 mB internal memory, more than enough for months of data in typical applications
  • Powered by the input line voltage, no need for batteries or adapters
  • 4 channels current and 3 channels voltage allow you to monitor any circuit type – single phase to 4-wire Wye
  • Measure voltage directly up to 600VAC
  • Current sensors from 5A to 5,000A full scale
  • On-board power and integration for flexible sensors means smaller sensors and lower cost
  • Recording intervals as short as 1 second
  • High speed USB and Ethernet communications are standard
  • Optional Wi-Fi allows communication with iOS and Android devices, as well as over your LAN

The ELITEpro XC is sold as a complete kit with carrying case, voltage leads, and ELOG® Windows Based Software for programming and analysis.  Just add current sensors to complete your system.

Download Product Literature