Delta T – Wireless Condition Monitoring System

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The Delta T is a powerful new product from IRISS, which enables real-time monitoring of electrical switch gear.  The system can even remotely alert your service team immediately of an issue.


Around the clock condition monitoring for your electrical and instrumentation cabinets, at an affordable price.

What is Delta T?

The Delta T is a system that enables the real-time monitoring of electrical enclosures, instrumentation cabinets and more.  The core of the Delta T offering is a series of sensors that can measure, track, report and alarm when temperatures change.  The data is wirelessly transmitted for analysis, and the software can remotely alarm your support teams with the details and location of any temperature alarm.

How Does it Work?

Specifically, the Delta T sensors monitor the delta between your internal and external enclosure temperatures.  Each enclosure that is to me monitored will have a Delta T wireless sensor installed.  The sensors will communicate with each other via an ad hoc “mesh network”, and back to a controller which will gather and analyze temperature data.  When a pre-determined temperature threshold is breached the system will provide an alert with the details and location in three separate ways:

  • Audio: the sensor has an audio alarm
  • Visual: the system dashboard with provide a visual alert and an LED light on the unit itself
  • Email: the system can send an email alert notification to your designated team members

The controller will also store historical temperature data for all sensors, enabling quick and reliable reporting and trending.

Other Details:

  • Sensors are available in both a Standard and Environmentally sealed configuration
  • Sensors are powered by 3 AAA batteries.  Expected life is 18-24 months
  • Up to 256 wireless sensors can be connected to a single controller
  • Each controller requires both an Ethernet connection and electrical outlet
  • At least one controller must be purchased with your Delta T system
  • Software receives the data from the controller, stores the collected information on a local machine, and makes the information available via the dashboard
    • Shipped with the controllers and is provided at no cost
  • All system set-up, sensor configuration and trending analysis is managed via the dashboard

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