Martel PTC-8010 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator

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The PTC-8010 Calibrator is a speciality temperature calibrator that covers both RTDs and Thermcouples at unbelievable price.


This RTD and Thermocouple Calibrator will handle all of your temperature calibration needs in a truly rugged, low-cost package. It combines virtually all widely used thermocouples and RTDs in one device – you’ll never have to worry about finding a temperature device you can’t calibrate.

This unit can handle calibration of “smart” RTD transmitters with pulsed excitation current, where many other rtd calibrators fail to work or operate at reduced accuracy specs.

  • High accuracy ±0.4°C J thermocouple and ±0.3 °C PT 100-385 RTDs; all errors included
  • Thirteen (13) thermocouple types and thirteen (13) RTD types including PT 385 (1,000 Ohm) and Cu (10 Ohm)
  • NEMA 4 rated case, rugged design
  • RTD simulation works with all pulsed (smart) transmitters
  • YSI 400 series thermistor range for medical applications
  • Standard mini-plug connections for T/CStandard banana jack connections for RTDs
  • Store setpoints for each output function
  • RS232 interface
  • Supplied in full rubber boot; optional carrying case available
  • Includes NIST Certificate with calibration data

The PTC8010 is one of the all new 10-series of calibrators from Martel.

Download Product Literature