Martel DMC-1410 Multifunction Calibrator

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Perform automated calibrations on the fly and upload results with a simple easy-to-use software package that’s included with the calibrator!

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The Martel DMC-1410 is a handheld documenting multifunction calibrator that measures and sources electrical and physical parameters. It’s versatile providing access to a complete range of calibration functions including the following:

  • Dual Display. The upper display is used for the measurement of volts, current, and pressure. The lower display can be used to measure volts, current, pressure, resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s), thermcouples (TC’s), frequency, resistance, and to source pulse trains.
  • A thermocouple (TC) input/output terminal with automatic reference-junction temperature compensation
  • Setpoint in each range for quickly increasing/decreasing output
  • Complete serial interface for remote control
  • Isolated read back for transmitter calibrations
  • Documenting capability for up to 50 tags

A simple easy-to-use software package is included that allows the user to build a database of all assets that need calibration and download work orders to the calibrator. You will not find a more cost effective documenting solution on the market.

In addition, the built-in 250 Ohm resistor for HART compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs, full fuseless protection, and a serial communications port for full control with ASCII commands.

  • Stores calibration data for 50 instruments in non-volatile memory
  • Print calibration certificates without a PC
  • ±0.4°C thermocouple/±0.3°C RTD accuracy
  • ±0.015% of reading electrical accuracy Thirteen (13) T/C types and Thirteen (13) RTD types, plus YSI 400
  • Simultaneous read and source thanks to isolated mA/V read-back circuit for complete transmitter calibration
  • Full Function 4 to 20 mA read, source, simulate and read/power modes with ±0.015% of reading accuracy
  • Source or read 0 to 20 volts (±0.015% of reading accuracy)
  • Direct keyboard entry enables quick output changes
  • All source modes can be programmed with dedicated setpoints
  • Built-in 250 Ohm resistor for HART compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs
  • Direct entry of custom RTD coefficients(R0,A,B,C)
  • RTD function compatible with all pulsed transmitters
  • RS232 serial interface
  • Supplied in full rubber boot; optional carrying case available
  • Includes NIST Certificate with calibration data
  • Communication port compatible with both Fluke 700 Series and Beta Calibrator pressure modules.

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