Easy Laser Geometric and Machine Alignment Systems

Demonstrations available!

In addition to shaft alignment systems, we carry a variety of Easy Laser systems to perform advanced alignment on a number types of machinery.  See below for details and specification on the types of alignment we can help you with!


The Easy Laser family of Machine Alignment Systems enables the easy measurement and/or alignment of many previously challenging tasks.  Our user friendly interface, wireless hardware and multitude of accessories can help you ensure that your, or your customer’s machinery is running smoothly. Each of the below is sold as a kit, including all of the accessories that are needed to perform the alignment or measurement.

The Easy Laser Machine Alignment and Geometric Measurement systems are also capable of producing detailed reports to ensure your team is making the appropriate corrections.

Click here to view a sample report of a roll parallel alignment
Click here to view a sample report of a straightness measurement
Click here to read a case study, about a successfully completed Lathe Alignment

Each kit also includes powerful companion software that will allow you to archive measurements and export detailed reports. Here are some of the types of machine alignment that our systems support:

Flange Flatness Measurement
enabled by the E910 and E915 systems

Basic Geometric Measurement
Including straightness, flatness, squareness, plumb and level
Enabled by the E920 system

Extruder Alignment 
enabled by the E930 system

Machine Tool Alignment
enabled by the E940 system

Bore Measurement & Alignment
Including straightness and ovality
Enabled by the E950 system

Turbine Alignment, Turbine Diaphragm Alignment
enabled by the E960 system

Roll / Roll Parallel Alignment
enabled by the E970 and E975 systems

Saw Mill Alignment
enabled by the E980 system

We are experts in geometric alignment and measurement. We offer a huge range of detectors, brackets, and fixtures that we can adapt to almost any measurement. Contact us with your measurement challenge!