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Major Laser Alignment Player
Brings in I&E Central

video-IE-ludeca-easy-laser-153x97June 15, 2016
For Immediate Release:
Contact: Bob Dunn (585-249-0179)

(ROCHESTER, NY) Ludeca a well-known company in the reliability industry has appointed I&E Central as their solutions provider partner for a territory including NY, New England, and Eastern PA.

“We are proud to have been selected to join this industry-leading team!,” shared I&E President, Bob Dunn. “The Ludeca product offering today centers on Alignment and Ultrasound, coupled with extensive service and training capabilities. I&E brings years of experience with both technologies, and our fanatic focus on knowing our products and supporting our customers.”

Of note with Ludeca is their transition to new technology lines. Alignment tools are manufactured by Easy-Laser. This new product platform brings significant new capabilities, particularly in the area of geometric measurements. Ultrasonic inspection with SDT Ultrasound offers the most extensive tool set for both airborne and mechanical inspection, coupled with powerful software for trending and analysis.

Request to see Ludeca products. “We have demonstration equipment for everything, and look forward to working with both old and new customers going forward”, conveyed Dunn.


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