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Is Your Company Monitoring for Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)?

We hope that you are all safe and healthy, wherever you are.

Many organizations are looking to monitor the health of employees and visitors entering their facilities, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish this is through the use of Thermal Imaging or Infrared. Infrared is a quick and effective means to pre-screen individuals for elevated body temperature (EBT). An EBT could be indicative of a fever and therefore infection. Using an infrared camera offers several advantages over a thermometer in that it is fast, non-contact and can be performed form a safe distance.

Some companies pivoted quickly to implement a program by repurposing their infrared cameras. As it becomes clear that the impacts of COVID-19 will be felt for an extended period of time, many have begun considering a longer term solution.

Here are some considerations and best practices if you are embarking on measuring body temperatures at your facility:

Temperature measurement can certainly be done with hand-held cameras, but there are several factors to consider in making the most accurate measurement possible, including:

  1. Focus
  2. Distance to target
  3. Camera resolution
  4. Speed of the measurement
  5. EBT threshold

To be sure, a short-term solution can be the use of a portable camera in the hands of a skilled and trained operator. However, for larger facilities and a long-term solution, those skilled operators are needed elsewhere in the plant, and the camera does have its regular duties. For these scenarios, we recommend an automated system which can remove many potential variables and issues, ensuring that temperatures are monitored quickly and accurately. Here is a video which explains it nicely.

Whether you seek a handheld camera, or want to explore a permanent installation, we can help. We have been a FLIR partner for nearly 15 years, and work with system integrators including Viper Imaging to deliver just what you need.

Finally, if you have been looking, you know that IR cameras are in high demand and stock is quite limited. There are however models which have shorter lead times, we can help guide you to the fastest solution.

Let us know how we can help you at this link, or by calling us at 866.225.0182.