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Geometric Measurement of a Horizontal Boring Mill

Geometric Measurement and Documentation of Horizontal Boring Mill

Using the Easy Laser E940 (and related) systems, performing geometric measurement of your mills, lathes, and more is made fast and repeatable.  We recently completed documenting the geometry of a large Horizontal boring mill using the Easy-Laser E940 machine tool system. Documented measurements were required by the customer to satisfy their ISO quality program.

This machine has 4 axis of movement ranging from 19” on the W-axis, to 66” on the x axis.  We measured straightness on all 4 axis, plus the squareness of the column movement (Y axis) to the machine bed. Work was completed in about 2 hours with a break in the middle.

The Easy Laser technology available through I&E Central makes all manner of measurement and alignment easy, fast, repeatable and document-able.  Contact us today to discuss your application and how we can help you.