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Ask about the Easy Laser E420, E420+, E540 or E710 and what problems they can head off for you.

Straightness, Ovality, Flatness, Parallelism, Twist, Level, Squareness, Direction, More…

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  • Fast & Easy Installation: These infrared windows are designed to perfectly fit the existing window space on your Square D HVL load centers. Simply remove the existing plexiglass panel, place the IRISS window, screw together and you’re done.
  • Safety: Using infrared windows makes sure your thermography inspections meet the NFPA 70E safety requirements. Protect your workers, protect yourself.
  • Faster and Easier Infrared Inspections:
    In addition to being safer, using infrared windows reduces the need for bulky arc flash protective equipment. This drastically reduces the time spent on thermal inspection routes. Get the data you need, in a fraction of the time.
  • Go Beyond Standard Inspections: In addition to the plexiglass replacement, IRISS has designed and implemented custom infrared deadfronts for Square D HVL switch panels. This enables infrared inspection of critical electrical connections.
  • Custom Fits: In addition to the above, IRISS will make custom windows, deadfronts and panels to fit any application.
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SDT 270 & Ultrasonic Machine Bearing Condition Based Lubrication and Preventive

Lubricate based on condition, instead of time intervals. Under-greasing and over-greasing
shortens the life of bearings…

  • Proper Lubrication: Under-greasing and over-greasing both shorten the life of bearings. With the SDT 270 you can be sure you’re lubricating only when, and as much as needed – maximizing
    the life of your bearings.
  • Alarms: With the SDT Ultranalysis Software, know when a bearing is ready for lubrication. You can even detect early bearing wear.
  • Easy to Use: With minimal training, an SDT 270 user can monitor and correctly lubricate any bearing. Route-based condition monitoring and airborne leak detection are similarly easy to perform.
  • Variety of Sensors: Choose what works best for you and your plant. Connect directly to a zerk adapter, use our magnetic sensor directly on the bearing, or a contact probe to work in tight spaces.
  • Versatile Technology: With the SDT 270 you can: monitor bearings for wear and lubrication status, properly lubricate bearings, locate compressed air leaks, inspect steam and hydraulic systems and detect electrical issues.
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Imaging IR Thermometer
Bridging the gap between single spot IR thermometers and FLIR’s legendary infrared cameras, the FLIR TG165 gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to help you discover temperature issues that you can’t see with typical spot radiometers.

  • See actual heat patterns
  • Accurately measure Temperature
  • Promotional priced at $399 through June 30. We have them in stock
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TPI 9070
Smart Vibration Meter

  • Measures overall vibration and bearing condition with an internal sensor
  • Displays vibration level with color coded alarms for ISO values and BDU
  • Built in band filters suggest unbalance, misalignment, and looseness
  • 800 Line spectrum display with zoom and cursors
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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Measure and monitor thickness of pipes, tanks, and more
  • A-scan and B-scan measurements provide single point and profile measurements
  • On board data storage for thousands of measurements
  • A wide range probes enable almost any measurement
  • Manufactured by GE Inspection Technologies, the world
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Video | “Base Twist” Measurement Unique to Easy
Laser for Measuring Machine Base Flatness

Many installers don’t give it deserving
The ability to make this base flatness
measurement with a shaft alignment system is unique to Easy-Laser. It’s worth
doing any time a new machine of any size is being installed or re-installed.
Only the E710 has this particular program. An investment in this equipment is
practical for on-going preventive
and out-of-alignment cost
. Ask us
how. Also see:
Easy Laser Benefits…

Laser Benefits

  • Ease of

    • The
      Easy-Laser is incredibly easy to learn and use. Just follow the on screen
      instructions, and you’ll be performing accurate alignments in as little as
      one movement.

  • Accuracy
    & Repeatability

    • Easy-Laser uses a true two-laser measurement, comparable to using
      reverse dial indicators. With that technology, Easy- Laser accurately measures
      the center of rotation for both shafts to provide precise adjustment info for
      both the horizontal and vertical axes. The result is pinpoint precision
      alignments, every time.

  • Speed

    • Easy-Laser systems take the guesswork out of machine alignments. Even
      in complicated alignment situations like bolt or base bound machines, the Easy
      Laser can help you accurately align, often in only one movement!

  • Cost

    • Alignment equipment can be a significant investment. The Easy Laser
      systems are an excellent value – easy to use, accurate, expandable, and
      attractively priced. Contact us today for a

  • Flexibility/Capabilities
    • With
      three base systems to start with, the sky’s the limit with what your Easy
      Laser can do. From simple shaft alignments, to multiple coupling, machine
      train, belt/sheave, or geometric machine tool alignments – Easy Laser has
      a solution for everything. Call us today to discuss your most challenging

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Allignment Shims and Undercut



Best Practices
Not all shims and kits are created equal…

There are many manufacturers of alignment shims. Chances are
you use whatever shims you started with, and haven’t considered looking
for something different. Not all shims and kits are created equal. The below
will help you understand if you should be shopping around for a better

  1. You
    should have a full set including 13 thicknesses ranging from .001 to 0.125
    “. A full set contains 20 of each size, although starter sets may be
    available with 10 of each size.
    6-Points for viewing here…

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