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Powerful New All-Test Pro 5 Motor Circuit Analyzer Has Just Been Released

All Test 5 Motor Test InstrumentWhether you’re making cheese, paper or electricity, chances are your critical processes rely on electric motors. Today, many companies rely on tools such as a meg-ohm-meter to troubleshoot or monitor the health of their motors, and test them before going into service.

While insulation resistance is a useful measurement, it provides limited insight into motor health – kind of like measuring blood pressure (important but limited) when a full physical is in order. With complete info on motor electrical health, your troubleshooting will be far more effective, and you can detect electrical problems before they escalate to failure.

I&E Central is partnered with All-Test Pro, manufacturers of state of the art motor circuit analysis tools, which enable the on-site testing of all types of electric motors. AC, DC, synchronous, wound rotor motors, and even generators and transformers can be electrically evaluated.

The All-Test Pro family of motor testers are handheld, portable units that run a series of tests and give you an accurate picture of the motor’s electrical health. When comparing to competitive technologies, our customers often find that the All-Tests are smaller and lighter, easier to use, and faster at cycling through all tests. What’s more the All-Test doesn’t leave anything out – we’re able to make diagnoses on every major motor fault condition, including winding faults, rotor faults, ground faults, connection issues, winding contamination, and more. I&E Central carries fully functional demonstration units of the All-Test 31, All-Test 33 and now the All-Test 5.

Which All-Test Model is Right for You?

That question is answered by the types of motors you need to test. All All-Test Pro Models (aside from the All-Test Pro Online) are intended to test de-energized motors.

  • All-Test Pro 31
    • Capable of testing AC and DC motors
    • Primary functions are troubleshooting and quality control of motors
    • With the 31, you can identify:
      • Winding faults
      • Insulation to ground faults
      • Rotor faults
      • Phase imbalance
  • All-Test Pro 33
    • Intended for testing of 3 phase, AC induction motors
    • Primary functions are troubleshooting, quality control and light predictive maintenance of motors
    • With the All-Test 33, you can identify:
      • Stator health
      • Rotor health
      • Insulation/resistance
      • Ground faults
      • Contamination
    • Diagnostics are totally automated – no need to interpret the results
  • All-Test Pro 5
    • Capable of testing all motors, transformers and generators including
      • Single and three phase AC
      • DC
      • Servo
      • More
    • Functions include troubleshooting up to and including full diagnostic predictive maintenance
    • With the All-Test 5, you can identify any motor issue, including:
      • Winding faults
      • Contamination or degrading insulation
      • Ground faults
      • Connection issues
      • Rotor health on all types of motors
      • Stator health
    • The All-Test 5 also incorporates measurements of phase angle, impedance, inductance and more to perform a sophisticated analysis of your motor
    • Diagnostics are fully automated in the instrument – no need to interpret the results
    • The All-Test 5 includes software for route based measurements, trending, and reporting

Do you need a more accurate picture of your facility’s motors’ health? Contact I&E Central today to determine if an All-Test Pro is a fit for you!  We can even visit your shop and perform live tests!