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Predictive Maintenance

ALL-TEST Pro Div of BJM Corp.
Instruments and software for testing, troubleshooting, and predictive maintenance monitoring of electric motors. Both off-line and on-line test systems for electrical and mechanical health

Commtest (Div. of GE Energy Bentley-Nevada)
Vibration analyzers and data collectors, field balancing instruments, vibration monitoring systems, wired and wireless

CTC (Connection Technology Center)
Vibration analysis hardware—sensors, transmitters, cables, junction boxes and more

Laser alignment and geometric measurement systems

FLIR Systems
Infrared cameras/thermal imaging, Thermography training

iLearn Interactive/Mobius
Vibration training and technical resource programs

Infrared viewing windows / inspection ports

Monarch Instruments
Stroboscopes and tachometers

SDT North America
Ultrasonic inspection tools and software

Electrical Testing

AEMC Instruments
Electrical test instruments including Megohm meters, micro ohm meters, current and harmonic meters and probes, power meters, data loggers, and other general test instruments

Dent Instruments
Energy monitoring tools: Portable recording and networked power meters, time-of-use loggers

Electrical and general test instruments including sound level, temperature, pressure, pH, humidity, and many more

High Voltage Inc
High voltage test instruments including VLF AC Hipots, AC and DC Hipots, Oil Dielectric Test Sets, Lift Truck Testers, and Cable Fault Locators

Corona Camera

Calibration Instruments

Martel Electronics/Beta Calibrators
Process calibrators: DC, Temperature, Pressure, and multi-function

Ralston Instruments
Pressure calibration hose kits, fittings, hand pumps

Dry block calibrators and calibration baths, fluidized baths, precision thermometers



Bellofram Pressure regulators, I/P and E/P transducers and controllers, air relays,
Marsh Instruments Pressure Gauges

APG Sensors
Pressure transducers and sensors

Switchboard Meters, Analog and digital panel meters, power transducers, CT’s and PT’s